Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from Hanz!

Meet Hanz, a new little Sculpy guy made especially for Christmas. He is excited to be added to my mom's growing collection of gifts I'm too broke to buy...
A thousand points to anyone who can guess why his name is Hanz...


  1. Awesome lookng character man!!

    no idea why his name is Hanz though...ha!


  2. hey, it's better than some of the presents I've made my mom in the past.

  3. Because you're a twat.

    Just kidding, it's cute like a cat. With a moustache.

    Also, I hope you know that I expect my birfday pwesent to appear on dis bloggy blog once you're done with it...

  4. Thank you, guys. I thought I'd reveal the reason for his name:

    It's because he's got big Hanz!