Friday, January 28, 2011

MTV3 Commercial VFX and Animation!

Check out the new commercial directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada for MT3's show "Quiero Mis Quinces":

MTV3 - QMQ Promo- Director's Cut from Carlos Lopez Estrada on Vimeo.

I did the post clean up and VFX (wand sparkles, wire removal, etc.) but my baby is the stop motion animation shot of the cake and presents. This shot was made over a 12 hour day, shot in reverse, with amazing help from one Emily Franz:

She designed and built the animatable cake and boxes. There were armature wires running underneath the wrapping paper of the presents so they could be posed, and the cake was made with one-inch sections made of cardboard and concealed with clay that we could cut off for every shot. We used a Canon 7D, Dragon Stop Motion, and a lot of patience. Here we are on dragon's monitor working together to cut that cake:

And here is a before and after of the pre animation I did in After Effects. We used it to make sure our animation was going on time to the music so there would be minimal guess work on set:

Another great piece of stop motion to add to the 'ol reel. If you want to see my other big stop motion project, you can go back in time and find it here:

Jesse and Joy's music video for "Chocolate"

I also think this is as good a time as any to post Carlos's last commercial for MTV3 that I did clean up After Effects work on:

MTV3 PROMO from Carlos Lopez Estrada on Vimeo.

I added the matte, did some color tweaking, and combined the Metro shot(s?), but my biggest claim to fame is rotoscoping out the baby on the right's penis because it was supposed to be a boy. And it was going on TV. There's a good thing to put our my resume: Baby Penis Removal.


  1. You wanna know something amazing? YO GIRLLLLLFRIEND.

  2. And Carlos Lopez Estrada QAT.