Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lots of Birds! - Gustavo Galindo music video...

Back in August I did the animation and most of the compositing for Carlos Lopez Estrada's music video for Gustavo Galindo's "Amor De Alta Mar." I think it turned out pretty rad considering we made it in about two weeks DURING pre production of our big Stop Motion Project for Jesse & Joy. That other video will premiere soon, but for now here's Gustavo Galindo's "Amor De Alta Mar":

To make it I looked at stock footage of birds taking off, landing, and flapping and then drew keyframes with After Effects masks. I let AE do the initial tweening then did some clean up and made little timing tweaks of different versions so it would look a little less "copy-and-paste." I then used those little pre-comps as particle layers for use with a particle emitter. Here's what all the bird versions looked like on their own:

Now a bit of rest before premiering out next big stop motion video. To wet your appetite for it, here's our last project for Jesse & Joy:

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  1. hope the birds didnt shit all over your computer