Saturday, December 17, 2011

Animated Spot for Televerde

Last month I designed and animated this little spot for Arizona-based B2B marketing agency, Televerde:

The script was written by producer/director Jack Hooker, who gave me quite a lot of creative freedom with the look and feel of the ad. To create it, I drew all the elements by hand with a pen on paper (with help from a lightboard) and scanned it all in to be animated with the Puppet Pin tool in After Effects. Then sound engineer Matt Schwartz designed the sound and voiced the narration.

Check out a quick look at the process of taking all the individually drawn elements and bringing them together for one character's series of movements:

Now, it's time for the holiday break. My vacation goal: making a new and improved silicone puppet for some personal stop motion fun! Check out the latest sculpt:

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