Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stop Motion Title Sequence for Oprah and Rainn Wilson's new show SoulPancake!

Earlier this year, I was commissioned by Rainn Wilson's company, SoulPancake, to create the stop motion title sequence for the pilot of their new TV show of the same name to be aired on OWN. The sneak peak above has the intro in its entirety, but is played at the end. (The stop motion "Love" at the beginning was made by the talented Kristen Lapore)

The title sequence was shot over two days with about a weeks worth of prep and the help of a very talented group of young artists (full credits below). Other than the sky and the banner at the end, everything was done practically, with a stage that could rotate both rolling log and lazy susan-style, so that we could get both the moving world and rotating camera effects with a locked-off camera and set pieces. To keep our process economical and precise, we created in After Effects a pre-vis animation that would output exactly how much we needed to rotate the stage each frame, as well as what frame each of the paper cutout people would end up being on. To get a sense of that process, here's a little breakdown:

Full Credits:

Animation Director: Cameron Clark
Production Design: Tyler Jensen
Animator: Charles Pieper
Stage Design/Fab: Richard Hilgner
Set Fabricator: Michelle Mace
Photography: Moonie O'Moony
Live Action DP: Mishka Kornai
Art Department: Ntsikelelo McCall
                           Sarah Lawson
                           Dani Cong
                           Riley Gallagher
                           Nicole Case

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