Monday, January 13, 2014

Young The Giant's "Crystallized" Music Video VFX

I recently got a chance to create some fun spacey visual effects for Young the Giant's video for "Crystallized." Check it out:

The video was directed by the talented Mr. Elliot Sellers and produced by Doomsday who came to me to help create some meteors flying through space. I really wanted to do as much as we could with physical effects and miniatures rather than relying on CG work to make the meteors and dust, and I think it paid off. We spent a couple days in a studio with a Red Epic and some homemade meteors (they were made of carved and painted Expanding Foam from Home Depot, designed and fabricated by Elaine Carey) and got some great footage. Then I took the footage into After Effects and added in some space and star elements to give the space a feeling of, well, space.

Check out a little sample of how some of the footage looked on set and before I added the effects to get some idea of the process:

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