Monday, December 7, 2009

Stop Motion!

I have just signed on to do animation for a music video to be directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada. I won't go into detail just yet as to what will be going on in the video, but it will be stop motion. And so, I've started to get into the stop motion mood again.

To loosen myself up I've set up a little primitive animation setup next to my desk with a cheap little webcam and a desk lamp. I've been in almost exclusively using After Effects for so long I've got to get back into the swing of moving stuff by hand. Here's my first little test:

The tangerine was the closest thing to my desk at the time and was just to see if my ridiculously jimmy-rigged camera setup would work. I will be doing more applicable and planned-out tests throughout the week as we finalize the style of this video a little more. I'm dreaming about tweening.

And with stop motion on the mind I rummaged up this old little peice of claymation I made when I was a kid. I couldn't have been older than sixteen when I made this. I think it still holds up:

I promise to be more productive this week. Instead of making doodles like this:

Or this:

Hurray for self-employment!

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