Monday, December 14, 2009

Clay and Cous Cous

In an effort to spend as little money as possible on a Secret Santa gift exchange this week, I made a little guy out of clay. But I liked him so much that I had to take some pictures before handing him off to his lucky new owner. Check him out:

I recieved a bunch of Boton Rice Candy from my secret Santa, which couldn't have gotten me more excited. God, I love that stuff.

I also have been getting more stop-motion practice in to prepare myself for the video I'm making with the likes of Carlos Lopez Estrada, Christian Heuer, and Nate Miller. The video is going to involve a few different styles of stop motion, and I've set up a webcam to Dragon Stop Motion to start trying some stuff out.

The first test I've done is to try out a sand animation technique that we will most likely be using. I didn't have any sand on hand, so I grabbed some cous cous and tossed it on an old briefcase. It was slow progress, what with the pushing little tiny cous couses along with a matchbook and a paint brush, so I only made about three seconds of animation. But I think it came out pretty cool. I looped it a few times so it's easier to watch and put a track behind it by my friend, Triptonikhan. Check it:

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  1. 1. HANSHEW?!

    2. That critter is a dead ringer for your father.

    3. Cous cous and craftiness aside, everyone knows the real holiday gift of the season: