Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm back to Blogging!

So, after about six months of doing my best impersonation of Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate and being a pretty useless vagrant in various parts of the world, I've finally returned to a somewhat stable mode of working and living like a real person again. So, I feel it's fitting to get back into the blogging game. To start off, I've got some pictures of a silly character I've made in preparation of making some armatured puppets for stop motion. Warning, he's naked:

As far as work goes, I'm currently on a project for the same director as the Chocolate video, Mr. Carlos Lopez Estrada. Here is the making of:

I'm in charge of turning all the green things into other things. Hurray for Rotoscoping! I'll post it when it's done...


  1. The character is awesome man!


  2. Thank you, sir. Diggin' you're animation as well.